Operating Input Voltage	150 VDC
Nominal Battery Voltage	12V through 48V
Maximum Output Current	30A
PV Open Circuit Voltage VOC	150VDC + HyperVOC (162VOC)
HyperVOC	Extended VOC range for cold climates
Charging Regulation	Bulk, Absorb, Float, Equalization
Battery Voltage Range	9V to 64V
Equalization Charging	Adjustable voltage and duration, Manual or Auto
Programmable Aux Control Output	1 I/O Aux Communication or w/Wizbang Jr
Status Display	LCD plus status LED
Networking Cabling/Communications	4 Conductor Phone Cable/RS232
Load Terminal	30A Configurable as battery load or wind clipper
Operating Temperature	-40C to 50C
Lighting Controller	dusk/dawn, hourly, day, night
True Paralleling	Inputs and Outputs between 2 units w/smart active current sharing
Battery Types	Flooded, AGM, Gel, Lithium

منظم شحن 30 امبير مدنايت/ MPPT